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Volleybalvereniging Volleybal Rotterdam-West


Recreanten Rotterdam WestThe leisure teams primarily focus on fun and and the social aspect of volleyball. The Hou Stand leisure teams are mixed (men and women). Some of the leisure teams play in the leisure competition, which takes place roughly every other week on a weekday evening.

Here are the practice times:
  • thursday 19.30-21.00: Mix R5
  • thursday 19.30-21.00: Mix R6
  • thursday 19.30-21.00: Starters
  • thursday 21.00-22.30: Mix R1
  • thursday 21.00-22.30: Mix R2
  • thursday 21.00-22.30: Mix R3
  • thursday 21.00-22.30: Mix R4
Leisure Volleyball Rotterdam West
Our leisure teams practice and compete in Sportcentrum West. See 'Route' for our location and driving directions.

See 'How to join' for membership fees and information.